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About me

I'm a Lancashire based photographer and artist, I have been photographing and painting since leaving college, that's quite a few years. I won't tell you how many years as that might give away my age...

With experience in a variety of disciplines, be assured I will capture the magic of your day and make everyone feel at ease during the whole process.  I avoid the typical awkward posing and try to shoot as naturally as possible. My approach means that I will become a part of your wedding, I will capture all the important moments (plus all those little table details you've spent hours planning), whilst you are enjoying your day celebrating with family and friends.

If you are looking for someone, who will blend in with your guests, share their jokes, help with buttonholes, pour some drinks and generally be an extra friend on your special day, whilst taking some natural photographs? Get in touch.


When not photographing at weddings, I provide my services to various magazines and have published work as a concert photographer, I organise workshops teaching the abstract form of light painting and represent the UK as part of the Light Painting World Alliance, I also shoot portraits, adults and children alike whether they be standard or creative.

If you want information about anything, drop me a line and let's grab a brew...


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